A few simple ideas for better quality projects.

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All good projects start with great research. We will bring the research formats and methods, you bring the experience & insights with your customers. We always seek to understand everything we can about your customers and brand.
•  SEO Keyword research
•  Site performance auditing
•  Customer persona development
•  Customer journey mapping
•  Product & vendor research
•  Competition search & CX/UX analysis
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From product pages to email campaigns, our creative output and design systems promote impactful, consistent customer experiences that make your brand shine. We design for customer's first, carefully considering UX/CX patterns that are cross-device and multi-channel.
•  Top quality theme builds
•  Powerful email design systems
•  UX/CX first approach
•  Creative strategy
•  Great attitude
•  Funky fashions
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Success in ecommerce comes from unrelenting experimentation. We will set up tests to optimize customer experiences, collect insights, and improve over time. You only improve what you measure - but it only works if you measure the right activity.
•  Shogun + Shopify A/B tests
•  Email automation A/B tests
•  Google Optimize
•  List generation A/B tests
•  Hotjar website recording
•  Can't stop, won't stop
optimization chart illustration
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We don't have all the answers. We have questions. Your customers, team, and own experiences have answers, and together we will plan and execute a growth strategy. We use communication and trust to build long-term business relationships.
•  Regular strategy sync-up meetings
•  Monthly analytic/insight dashboards
•  Slack or email communication
•  Shared Monday.com workspace
•  Deep caring for project success
•  Never gonna give you up 🎶
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"The Highlighter team are the BEST. We feel so thankful to have had this dream team in our corner through the pandemic and just overall."
5 star review
- Britt, Owner @ Anice Jewellery

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